Monday, 25 August 2008

Mamma Mia!

Y caramba! I am honoured to have been named in the Times as one of the top UK legal blogs! Makes me feel specially guilty not to have been hard at it lately - blogging that is.

One of the bloody relations who has just confessed to not reading my blog yet is mia mamma with whom I have just gone to see the eponymous film with sister Sophie - rather appropriate if you have seen the film - and if you haven't shame on you! It's been a long time since I have a) clapped at the end of a film and b) gone to see it again while it's still on general release and c) can't wait to go watch the singalong version. And bought the soundtrack though I have already got every Abba record going (and no longer have to be embarrassed about it. Top top top film. And lots to interest the family lawyer. Single mum, three potential dads, one turns out to be homosexual, one divorced and the other a terminal bachelor. And a wedding that is called off and one scrambled together without any of the usual legalities. Unfortunately for the family lawyer, it being a feelgood hollywood movie they all sort it out quite amicably and one of them stumps up a lump sum without so much as an application for maintenance hoving into view. Good job everyone isn't so sensible or I would be out of a job. And here's the official website for a taster of the treat in store.

And from youtube