Monday, 22 September 2008


Marilyn Stowe's blog has an interesting feature on the CSA in question & answer format.

Divorce blogs

Judith's Divorce Blog has drawn my attention to Soul Mating's post on 50 useful divorce blogs . They are a mixed bag and mainly US based but useful points of reference and support anyway.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Blog news

I have recently come across a new blog Divorce Manual written by divorcee Natasha Phillips who happens to be a lawyer though not a family lawyer. Her experience of the family courts has prompted her to start the blog aimed at demystifying the divorce process.

The blog formerly known as the Editorial has been translated into the Family Law Bubble which is still in development but promising well.

Blogging holiday: now back to school

This time I cannot blame pressure of work for my lack of posting as I have been on an official holiday and very lovely it was too. Unfortunately mia mamma has now actually started reading my blog posts and has remarked on the lack of them so I had better get cracking! She didn't take too kindly to the bloody relations tag either!

For those of you who would like some help steering yourselves around UK Family Law there are some recent additions to the 4 Brick Court website - a set of Jargon Busters, medical abbreviation decoders & a Family Law Bibliography in the Family Law General Articles section .

Other good resources for beginners include some recent posts on financial applications & divorce on Family Law Matters , Family Lore's podcasts on child support, ancillary relief, parental responsibility, children & divorce. John Bolch of Family Lore has also written a guide to DIY divorce which costs only £19.99 and can be purchased here . The Ancillary Actuary blog publishes a good guide to Pensions in Divorce with a free downloadable version for clients.

Don't forget to have a look around this blog for posts that you may find helpful and to have a look at Askthefamilylawyer for help on who's who & what's what.

I am always interested to hear of any topics you would like me to cover about UK family law so email me or post a comment with a request.