Monday, 30 March 2009

My fees are going to be cut for doing my job

I don't necessarily expect your heat to bleed for me but if the government can find XXX billions to bail out the banks it does not seem to be unreasonable for me to expect to be paid as a minimum roughly the same amount to do a good job, the same one as before, when they cannot say I am decimating the eeconomy nor even that I am not fulfilling on expectations. The bottom line is £310 per day. My IT bloke's hourly rates are already more than mine on some days. Soon I will be being paid less than my cleaner. If we lived in a properly socialist state i might not mind that. But when I have to do 10 hours preparation just reading the brief and they plan to pay me £310 a day it does not take a rocket scientist to work out that I will be on less than the minimum wage!

I add to Anthony Hayden QC's thoughts on the proposed fee cuts in the Times in my podcast with Charon QC . Please listen and add your views to the consultation paper .

Monday, 9 March 2009

What don't you get about family law?

I apologise that I have been neglecting this blog a little but there has been so much Family Law stuff in the news that I have been concentrating on posting on the Family Law Week blog . The Family Law Week Blog is aimed at family lawyers but I hope family members will also find something of interest there.

I have been particularly preoccupied this weekend with the Justice for Families campaign and the work of John Hemming MP .

It has re-inspired me to consider (amongst other things) the sorts of points that we lawyers may sometimes take for granted - that we have known for so long we have forgotten that some people just don't know them. An example he gives - Mackenzie friends cannot sign documents on behalf of the people they are helping. I am always interested to hear from those who have been on the receiving end of the family justice system as to what it is they wished they had known / asked about / found out when it was far too late. So please let me know in comments what it was for you?

The hand that rocks the cradle

From Post Secret .

Mom Song: William Tell Overture

I liked it so much I thought I should post it yesterday and couldn't yesterday because of some adobe java gremlin.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Breakup Angels

Natasha Philips has this interview with Jackie Walker on her Divorce Manual blog . Jackie Walker, says Natasha, is one half of a dynamic, pioneering duo which also includes Kirsten Gronning and together they make up the ground-breaking organisation Breakup Angels , which is dedicated to helping people going through divorce emotionally, financially and pragmatically. An interesting collaborative business model and an equally interesting website. I talked to Jackie today and I am hoping to work together with her as it seems to me we share a vision to take the stress out of family law, though we come at it from different angles.

Natasha also interviewed me last year and this year has secured a coup by podcasting an interview with Charon QC.

The Mom Song & Scottish divorces

If you want to know about divorce law in Scotland Fiona's blog is a great place to start and I was particularly amused by this video clip from youtube which sums up all those lessons we received from our mothers!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

The Story of Mennard

A great new family law blog The Story of Mennard , the jottings and musings of middle aged barrister 'from up north'. His blog provides a commentary on his daily life and cases and he is introducing us to a range of interesting new characters.