Wednesday, 2 May 2012 Law & Decree Absolute: New Newspapers

I have created a newspaper called Law which can be found here
This takes snippets from twitter and other family law blogs and I add stories from websites as I come across them.

I have also created Decree Absolute which as the name suggests covers stories on divorce.


Darlingtons said...

Great, will subscribe - is a phenomenal app and shows just how far online publishing has gone - your own professional looking paper with virtually no effort every day - genius !

Ashley Clark said...

We have thought about making a for Divorce and Pensions but wasn't sure if it was any good for getting some traffic. Has it been any good for you?

Steve said...

Thanks you for the Law it looks really good and I will subscribe to it


LInda Whyte said...

Haven't yet read it but some posts I have seen from previous years define UK family law. People should note that Scottish law differs from English/Welsh law. For example in Scotland parental rights no longer apply once a child reaches 16 and the only parental responsibility is to provide guidance. Sorry if this has already been stated and I missed it!